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    202002 - Tae Kwon Do

    White Wolf Academy of Martial Arts teaches Tae Kwon Do with influences from other arts (i.e. yoga, tai chi) to strengthen the body, mind and spirit. Tae Kwon Do will help increase your self confidence and self esteem making you more confident and successful. Self defense is an important aspect of Tae Kwon Do, and you will be taught to increase your awareness and ability to confront any situation with calm, clear strength and fortitude. Uniforms may be purchased through instructor.

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    Read Notice202002-01Tae Kwon Do06/15/17- 07/13/17Tu, Th 4:00P- 5:00PVillage Hall$805 years to under 13 yearsUnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice202002-02Tae Kwon Do07/18/17- 08/10/17Tu, Th 4:00P- 5:00PVillage Hall$805 years to under 13 yearsUnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice202002-03Tae Kwon Do08/15/17- 09/07/17Tu, Th 4:00P- 5:00PVillage Hall$605 years to under 13 yearsUnavailableItem Details

    302004 - KF Tennis Fundamentals

    Serve It! Certified coaches teach the skills of tennis through a tennis process that makes it easy to learn the game. Program will challenge beginners and advanced players alike. Instructional drills will cover racket grips, speed and quickness techniques, safety awareness and sportsmanship. Particpants will be divided by age/skill level. Please bring your own racquet.

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    Read Notice302004-01KF Tennis (Sat)09/09/17- 10/07/17Sa 9:00A- 11:00AEhlert Park$696 years to under 15 yearsUnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart302004-02KF Tennis (Sat)10/14/17- 11/11/17Sa 9:00A- 11:00AEhlert Park$696 years to under 15 yearsAvailableItem Details
    Read Notice302004-03KF Tennis (Wed)09/13/17- 10/18/17W 4:30P- 5:45PEhlert Park$596 years to under 15 yearsUnavailableItem Details

    302005 - KF Cheerleading

    If your child dreams of being on a cheerleading squad then this program is perfect. Experienced coaches will focus on this sport by teaching skills that are fun, safe and fundamental. Program will include drills to enhance techniques, body balance, timing, rhythm, pom pon, dance, jumps, stunts, cheers and sportmanship. Last day of class will feature a cheer challenge contest.

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    Read Notice302005-01KF Cheerleading09/09/17- 10/14/17Sa 9:00A- 10:15AHanesworth Park$89/$996 years to under 14 yearsUnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart302005-02KF Cheerleading11/04/17- 12/09/17Sa11:00A- 12:00PPark Jr. High$73/$836 years to under 14 yearsAvailableItem Details

    302006 - KF Track & Field

    Coaches will focus on teaching sprints, hurdles, jumps, distance running and throws in a safe and fundamental way. The program consists of body balance techniques including speed, quickness and agility drills. A wide variety of timed events will take place each day, with an event championship series on the final day.

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    Read Notice302006-01KF Track & Field09/09/17- 10/14/17Sa10:15A- 11:15AHanesworth Park$83/$935 years to under 15 yearsUnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart302006-02KF Track & Field11/04/17- 12/09/17Sa 3:00P- 4:00PPark Jr. High$73/$835 years to under 15 yearsAvailableItem Details

    302007 - KF Baseball

    This program will prepare and challenge all players with fun competive drills to help develop skills and maximize player potential. Proven fundamental baseball techniques will be used in batting, fielding, pitching, baserunning and throwing.

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    Add to Cart302007-01KF Baseball 5-6 yrs11/04/17- 12/09/17Sa 9:00A- 10:00APark Jr. High$73/$835 years to under 7 yearsAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart302007-02KF Baseball 7-11 yrs11/04/17- 12/09/17Sa10:00A- 11:00APark Jr. High$73/$837 years to under 12 yearsAvailableItem Details
    Read Notice302007-03KF Baseball 6-12's09/09/17- 10/14/17Sa12:30P- 1:45PHanesworth Park$89/$996 years to under 13 yearsUnavailableItem Details

    302008 - KF Badminton

    This program will teach participants preparation training such as handgrips, racket positioning, serving plus spiking techniques for this fast paced game. Body balance, first step directional movements along with badminton awareness and sportsmanship will be stressed.

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    Add to Cart302008-01KF Badminton11/04/17- 12/09/17Sa12:00A- 1:00PPark Jr. High$73/$837 years to 14 yearsAvailableItem Details

    302009 - KF Basketball

    This program teaches proper techniques on shooting, dribbling, passing, speed & quickness, body balance, floor spacing, safety awareness and sportsmanship. A series of drills will develop ball control, first step directional movements, floor spacing, sharing and listening skills. Fundamentals, games and contests will all be a part of your time on the court.

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    Add to Cart302009-01KF Basketball 6-811/04/17- 12/09/17Sa 1:00P- 2:00PPark Jr. High$73/$836 years to under 9 yearsAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart302009-02KF Basketball 9-1411/04/17- 12/09/17Sa 2:00P- 3:00PPark Jr. High$73/$839 years to under 15 yearsAvailableItem Details
    Read Notice302009-03KF Basketball 6-12's09/09/17- 10/14/17Sa 9:00A- 10:15ALa Grange Park$89/$996 years to under 13 yearsUnavailableItem Details

    302010 - KF Flag Football

    Program focus will be on safety and skill preparation for the first two weeks and prior to games. Players will learn football through fundamentals and experience individual and team competitive drills to develop skills. Beginning Week 3, 55 minute football games will be played; coaches will prepare football plays in huddles and participants will gain confidence in making plays safely and skillfully.

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    Read Notice302010-10KF Flag Football09/09/17- 10/14/17Sa 9:00A- 10:15AHanesworth Park$89/$996 years to under 13 yearsUnavailableItem Details

    302011 - T-Ball/Soccer Combo

    A perfect class for pre-schoolers who are full of energy, and parents who are looking to introduce their child to T-Ball and soccer. Socialization, teamwork, following directions, key motor skills and having fun will be the focus of this non-competitive environment. First two weeks of class will focus on T-Ball, second two weeks will concentrate on soccer. At the last class we will play a fun game of each sport. This class is a drop off class. Child must be 3 years old by the first day of class. Parents are welcome to watch what their child has learned during the last class on Dec. 9.

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    Add to Cart302011-01T-Ball/Soccer Combo11/04/17- 12/09/17Sa 9:00A- 9:50APark Jr. High$49/$593 years to under 5 yearsAvailableItem Details

    302012 - Nerf Football

    This is the perfect introductory class for your little one! Through basic drills, we will teach the skills to get them started on how to catch, throw, and kick plus basic positions. A "game" will be played each day, non-contact, of course.

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    Add to Cart302012-01Nerf Football11/04/17- 12/09/17Sa10:00A- 10:50APark Jr. High$49/$594 years to under 7 yearsAvailableItem Details

    302013 - Flag Football

    Good old American Classic! Not yet old enough for the hlemet and pads? We will use junior size footballs and flags just right for grabbing. Enjoy the sport of football as we learn how to pass, catch and use teamwork to our advantage. No contact sport.

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    Add to Cart302013-01Flag Football11/04/17- 12/09/17Sa11:00A- 12:00PPark Jr. High$49/$597 years to under 10 yearsAvailableItem Details

    302014 - Volleyball, Youth

    Bump! Set! Spike! These and other skills will be practiced in this program for girls and boys. Class starts with the basic skills and advances week to week accordingly. Teamwork, participation and good sportsmanship are top priorities. Game play will take place at the end of each class.

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    Add to Cart302014-01Volleyball, Youth11/04/17- 12/09/17Sa12:00P- 1:00PPark Jr. High$49/$5910 years to under 14 yearsAvailableItem Details

    302017 - LTSC Mini Soccer Academy

    This four week soccer program focuses on fun and development. Program utilizes experienced professional Lyons Township Soccer Club coaches who know how to create a fun environment and develop a love of soccer. Each participant will be active during class learning skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting. All participants must bring a soccer ball.

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    Read Notice302017-01LTSC Mini Soccer 3-508/31/17- 09/28/17Th 4:00P- 5:00PHanesworth Park$45/$553 years to under 6 yearsUnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart302017-02LTSC Mini Soccer 3-511/04/17- 12/09/17Sa 1:00P- 2:00PPark Jr. High$45/$553 years to under 6 yearsAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart302017-04LTSC Mini Soccer 6-811/04/17- 12/09/17Sa 2:00P- 3:00PPark Jr. High$45/$556 years to under 9 yearsAvailableItem Details

    302024 - KF Fst/Slw Pitch Softball

    This program challenges all players through fun competitive softball drills and games that will maximize player potential. The program offers instruction on pitching, hitting, fielding, throwing, base running and sportsmanship. Instructors raise the skill & excitement level using approximately 50% of class time for fundamentals, safety, speed and fitness and the other 50% dedicated to game activity.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimesLocationFeesAges      Status      Single Icon
    Read Notice302024-01KF Fst/Slw Pitch09/09/17- 10/14/17Sa11:15A- 12:30PHanesworth Park$89/$997 years to under 13 yearsUnavailableItem Details

    302030 - KF Flag Football Games Only

    Players will be assigned to a team the first two weeks of the session. Team assignments will remain the same beginning in Week 3 and a championship game will be played the final week.

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    Add to Cart302030-01KF Flag Ftball Games10/21/17- 11/11/17Sa 9:00A- 10:15AHanesworth Park$63/$736 years to under 13 yearsAvailableItem Details

    302034 - KF Soccer

    Feel the excitement of scoring a goal! Daily soccer games with instruction. Coaches will teach soccer game techniques that give kids confidence and skills. Program will combine body balance and speed drills with fun preparation soccer drills. Program is ideal for beginners and advanced players. Participants will be divided by age and/or skill level.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimesLocationFeesAges      Status      Single Icon
    Read Notice302034-01KF Soccer09/16/17- 10/21/17Sa 9:00A- 10:15AEhlert Park$595 years to under 13 yearsUnavailableItem Details

    302035 - Pickleball for Kids

    This fun paddle sport combines the many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. The rules for Pickleball are simple and the game is easy for anyone to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for kids to enjoy. Each session will include both instruction and game play.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimesLocationFeesAges      Status      Single Icon
    Add to Cart302035-01Pickleball Gr 2-511/04/17- 12/09/17Sa 3:00P- 4:00PPark Jr. High$38/$48Birth and UpAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart302035-02Pickleball for Kids11/04/17- 12/09/17Sa 4:00P- 5:00PPark Jr. High$38/$48Birth and UpAvailableItem Details

    302037 - KF Sand Volleyball

    This fun and instructional program prepares players to suceed in volleyball. The program offers competitive drills for skills training, serving, bumping, setting, spiking, techniques on speed & quickness, body balance, safety awareness and sportsmanship.

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    Read Notice302037-01KF Sand Volleyball09/09/17- 10/14/17Sa10:15A- 11:30ALa Grange Park$89/$996 years to under 13 yearsUnavailableItem Details
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